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For this example, we are only moving 2 words at a time.

Software I/O Layers - VISA, VISA COM, SICL, Keysight 488 - Technical Overview

Normally, these functions would be used to move much larger blocks of data. Connection Expert assigns a default SICL interface ID and logical agilent sicl, as well as other necessary configuration values, when the interface hardware is configured; you can change these values by agilent sicl the Connection Expert utility.


To use Agilent siclyou must first determine the type of communications session required. An RS communications session can be either a device session or an interface session.


agilent sicl Commander sessions are not supported on RS Device Sessions For direct access to a device, communication is agilent sicl a device session. An RS device session should be used when sending commands and receiving data from an instrument.

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Interface Sessions SICL also allows interface-specific actions, such as setting device agilent sicl or other interface-specific characteristics. To do this, you communicate with an interface session.

Setting interface characteristics such as the baud rate must be done with an interface session. With RS, only one device is connected to the interface, so it may seem like agilent sicl work to have both device sessions and interface sessions. However, structuring the code so that interface-specific actions are isolated from actions on the device itself makes programs easier to maintain.

Sicl your community gem host

This is especially important if you want to use a program with a similar device on a different interface, such as GPIB. Break time is 10 character times, with a minimum time of 50 milliseconds and agilent sicl maximum time of milliseconds. An RS device session allows direct access to a device, regardless of the type of interface to which the device is connected. Addressing an RS Device To create a device session, specify the interface logical unit or symbolic name, followed by a device logical address of However, for RS, the agilent sicl primary address supported is However, some SICL functions that work only with device sessions may not operate correctly.

SICL / VISA Library

The interface logical unit and symbolic name are defined by running the Connection Expert utility. There are specific device session interrupts that can be used. You cannot change this with a device session. However, you can use the iserialctrl function with an interface session. This will work only if agilent sicl instrument understands this command. Service requests are supported for both device sessions and interface sessions.

This section contains two sample programs agilent sicl RS interface device session agilent sicl. This sample program was tested with a A digital voltmeter. Otherwise, the program will appear not to work. Examples of some of these characteristics are baud rate, parity, and flow control. There are specific interface session interrupts that can be used. Some example addresses for RS interface sessions follow.

This function clears the specified modem status line, waits 10 milliseconds, then sets it again. On a GPIB interface, a device can request service from the controller by asserting a line on agilent sicl interface bus. RS does not have a specific line assigned as a service request line.

Any transition on agilent sicl designated service request line will cause an SRQ handler in your program to be called. Setting full duplex allows simultaneous send and receive data traffic.

Setting half duplex the default will cause reads and writes to be interleaved, so that data is flowing in only one direction at any agilent sicl time. If one of these lines is being used for flow control, you cannot set that line with this function.Agilent SICL User's Guide.

5. VXI Device Types SICL Functions for VXI Interfaces Programming VXI Message-Based Devices Addressing VXI.

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This Agilent Standard Instrument Control Agilent sicl (SICL) User's Guide for Windows describes Agilent SICL and how to use it to develop I/O applications on .

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