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Allen & Heath ZED-R16 Recording Console with 16-Channels and Firewire Interface

Write a review. Where a conventional analogue mixer would have more routing buttons sending the signal to a numbered group bus, the ZED R16 automatically allen and heath zed r16 outputs the signal from each channel to the same-numbered channel on the FireWire buss or ADAT output. Because this mixer has no groups in the traditional sense, there aren't that many outputs — but the ones that are provided have been carefully considered. The main stereo outs are on male XLR sockets, mirrored by a allen and heath zed r16 2' output on balanced quarter-inch jacks, and a pair of main L-R insert points just before the main L-R faders in the signal path.

There's another pair of quarter-inch jacks to feed your control room monitors, and another pair labelled 'ALT' that could be used to hook up a secondary pair of nearfield or 'grotbox' monitors. Two additional stereo output pairs, again on quarter-inch jacks, are labelled 'Studio allen and heath zed r16 and 'Studio 2', the idea being that these feed headphone amps or 'listenback' monitors in the live room.

These have identical panel controls: five buttons that allow any combination of the main mix and the four auxes to form the output feed, a level control, and an AFL after-fader listen button, with LED, that allows the engineer in the control room to check allen and heath zed r16 being sent to these outputs. The only other analogue outs are the four quarter-inch balanced Aux masters, each of which has level controls and an AFL button with LED indicators, and a pair of headphone sockets one presented on a quarter-inch jack, the other a mini-jack. On first appearances, you'd hardly guess this connectivity was there: there are no LCD displays, no function allen and heath zed r16 or, indeed, any configuration buttons of any kindexcept for those I previously mentioned at the bottom of each mono channel strip.

The giveaway sign is on the rear panel: two six-pin Firewire sockets, four ADAT optical lightpipe sockets providing 16 channels in and out, and two flush-mounted switches to set basic operation mode and ADAT sample rate. When you connect via Firewire at Although mapping all the physical channels to your DAW may look rather complicated, it's actually quite straightforward.

Allen and Heath Zed R16 working with Ardour on Linux - Linux - Ardour

So what can you do with all these inputs, outputs and special features? Let's consider a couple of practical scenarios.

First, you're in the studio and recording a band — say eight channels for drum mics, four for guitars, plus another four for piano and vocals, all connected to channels of the ZED R In your DAW you'd set up whatever combination of mono and stereo tracks you fancied to handle these 16 inputs. Meanwhile, on the ZED R16 you could set up a control-room mix on the main faders, and two separate studio headphone monitor mixes using the pre-fade aux sends 1 and 2, going via the dedicated Studio 1 and 2 monitor feeds. Nothing you do to set up the control room and headphone mixes affects the signals being allen and heath zed r16 by the DAW, as these are sent pre-fader.

The default is that EQ bands are limited in the frequency range they can sweep, and allen and heath zed r16 match the markings on the controls.


I generally run like that on the output EQs, but the input EQs I keep limited as I rarely need more flexibility than they provide and it makes it easier for others to step up to the desk if I am not the one mixing. See details. What you get is a standard set of transport controls for a DAW using the MMC protocol plus allen and heath zed r16 rotary controls, four faders and 12 switches.


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Forty years of analogue mixer design has given us an unparalleled knowledge of filtering. Two pre and two post aux buses can be used as feeds for headphone amplifiers in the studio, FX sends anywhere, or wedge foldback live.

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I have an Alphatrack one-fader controller, but it is limited to only one channel at a time but it works great. Time after time musicians and other engineers ali… read more. Please confirm your email before sending messages.

Follow this Shop.ZED-R The ZED-R16 is a superbly equipped console with all the crucial parts of the recording process in one box. The best performing preamp in Allen. The ZED-R16 is Allen & Heath's first true recording FireWire mixer in over 10 years. This exceptional recording mixer with 18 FireWire I/O can also be used as a.

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