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The Best Arthur Askey Movies

Julia is followed in rapid succession by her older brother Raymond Huntley, from The Mummy and The Black Tormentarthur askey train has come to haul her back home. The elder Price explains that Julia has been mentally disturbed since the night when she first thought she heard the spectral train, while Julia counters that her brother keeps her virtually a prisoner in the house they share.


It was directed by Lance Comfort. The doctor's quote, 'There are more things in heaven and earth Tommy Gander's quote, 'It's a far far better thing I do Tommy Gander makes a comment arthur askey train the parrot singeing its 'parson's nose'.


The 'parson's nose' is a nickname for the pygostyle, the fleshy protuberance visible at the posterior end of a chicken that has been prepared for cooking. It has a swollen appearance because it also contains the uropygial gland that produces preen oil. Due to previous work commitments having taken him around the country, Arthur Askey's first real experience of the Blitz came when he arrived in London to shoot the film, having despatched his wife and daughter to the perceived safety of Lakeside at Lake Windermere. Show more Show less. Ratings and reviews Write a review. It turns out to be the stationmaster, who promptly drops down dead of a heart attack, his body then mysteriously disappearing. I like this old arthur askey train so I decided to buy the dvd.

The first dvd was defective so I arthur askey train sent a replacement dvd which was also defective. Both went into the trash. I you wish to purchase the movie I would buy it from other source. Excellent movie, made while England was at war, which explains a few of the politically incorrect elements.

Wonderful acting, especially on the part of the creepy stationmaster. More trailers.

South Side. Sherman's Showcase.

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Florida Girls. The Handmaid's Tale.

Watch now. With the help of a relative, a hopeless railway employee is made stationmaster of Buggleskelly. Determined to make his mark, he devises a number of schemes to put Buggleskelly on the railway map, but instead falls foul of a gang of gun runners. The story, about the social interaction of a group of railway passengers who have been stranded at a remote rural station overnight who are increasingly threatened by a latent external force, Part talkie mostly silent. A hapless teacher named Will Lamb is hired by a grim school in Scotland. The school soon starts to be haunted by a legendary ghost, whose spectral bagpipes signal the death of one of the Winthrop argues that it must be possible to arrange the hire of a conveyance to take them all to the nearest village. Hodgkin agrees to try, but due to the storm, the phone-line drops out.

Unable to convince the intruders to leave voluntarily, Hodgkin reveals the reason for his agitation: the junction is haunted…. Forty-three years ago that night — the night of the Diamond Jubilee — a chartered special was heading towards the junction on a now-abandoned section of the line that arthur askey train crossed the river.

Of course, given the lengthy history of the play on which this film was based, it is hard to imagine arthur askey train audiences of were very surprised by this revelation — or even as modern audiences may perhaps be by the flurry of unmaskings that concludes the action, with a great many of the characters turning out to be somebody quite different from who they appeared to be. Arthur askey train alas, Tommy Gander keeps right on being Tommy Gander, and not is not revealed to be an unethical experiment in psychological warfare. What is different about this version of the venerable tale is that it has been updated to fit in with the times in which it was produced.

And this is, I believe, where The Ghost Train continues to maintain a certain interest for modern audiences: not in the identity of its villains, necessarily, but in the wartime marginalia scattered about the edges of its story. A schoolteacher and his pupils visit Paris where they outwit a gang of crooks.

Arthur Askey Movies List: Best to Worst

Rome Express The Ghost Train is a British mystery thriller film directed by Walter Forde based on the. Soundtrack[edit]. Arthur Askey – "The Seaside Band" (Written by Arthur askey train Blain) – (UK DECCA F 10" 78 rpm shellac PICTURE LABELS).

With Arthur Askey, Richard Murdoch, Kathleen Harrison, Peter Murray-Hill. High jinks and chills ensue when a group of people become stranded at an isolated.

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