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After researching the credentials and websites of several attorneys that handle DUI cases, I selected Jake due to the vast amount of information on his website and the fact that he exclusively works in the courts where my case was being tried. Jake was able to explain everything in a clear and easygoing fashion and helped me to make informed choices about how to proceed with my case.

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At all stages of my trial Jake kept me well informed, and he was able to negotiate a very favorable outcome for me. I am very glad that I chose Jake!

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I am a Virginia resident and was in California on vacation and had no idea how to deal with the situation that I put myself in. After doing some research I found Jake's website and decided to give me a call for a consultation.

Right from the start Jake was completely helpful with a free phone consultation which lead to me hiring him to handle my case. This was the best choice I could have made. Jake handled all of my court proceedings, kept me up to date on what was going on dmv notice of priority reexamination of my case, and managed to reach a settlement that kept me from having to travel back to California for anything.

Although I made a bad decision and put myself in a tough predicament, Jake made the entire ordeal manageable, and most importantly kept me out of jail. Thank you Jake! You can submit relevant evidence at the hearing, should it be necessary. This type of proceeding has an administrative review process, but ultimately you can appeal a final decision to superior court if it's necessary.


The DMV receives information from many sources regarding whether an elderly driver may have a medical or physical condition which affects their ability to operate a motor vehicle safely. Matthew Cargal, Esq. Hearing locations are accessible to persons with disabilities. The DMV will also do its best to reasonably accommodate special needs with advance notice.


In such a case, the date and location of the hearing will be printed on the notice. By law, the DMV must provide at least 10 days advance notice.

What Happens if the DMV Decides a Driver Should be Reexamined

In other cases, the notice will say that the driver has the right to request a hearing. If so, the notice will specify:.

The driver will then have just 10 days from receipt of the notice to request a hearing from the DMV. If a driver does not attend a scheduled hearing, the DMV will automatically suspend or revoke his or her license. They range from letting the person continue driving with or without restrictions to permanently revoking the driver's license. The DMV will notify the driver in writing of the hearing officer's decision. The driver has the right to appeal the officer's decision, as set forth in Section 9, below. Someone who disagrees with the Dmv notice of priority reexamination of decision regarding a medical condition is not out of luck. In most cases, requesting a department review postpones any suspension ordered by the hearing officer. Instead, it won't go into effect until the review is finished.

The DMV will then review the reexamination and hearing records, including all dmv notice of priority reexamination of evidence presented.

It will determine whether the hearing officer made the correct decision. These questions may include your driving history and specific incidents on your driving record. El Segundo Phone Fax San Francisco Phone Fax However, the DMV will consider reinstating your driving privilege when:.

If you need a sign language or foreign language interpreter, the DMV will provide one. If the DMV determines it is necessary to conduct a Re-Examination of a driver, the department will mail a notice to that person which mandates they participate in investigation to determine their fitness to drive. In almost all instances, the driver will receive a Notice of Re-Examination Appointment in the mail. The department learns that a driver has failed to demonstrate the skill to drive during a driving test. Dmv notice of priority reexamination of department learns that a driver has had three or more DUIs. The reexamination may be conducted in-person or over the telephone. The suspension will remain in effect until you complete the reexamination process. This includes appearing, providing the requested medical information, and satisfactorily completing any required tests.

Notice of Re-Examination Appointment

You may also be asked to provide medical information from your physician. The reexamination process usually starts out with a vision test, a written test, and possibly a driving test.A Priority Reexamination (also called a "priority reex") is the immediate evaluation of an individual by a DMV Driver Safety hearing officer. A peace dmv notice of priority reexamination of will start the priority reexamination process if he/she observes a driver: Committing a violation of the "Rules of the Road" (Vehicle Code §§). The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is the State Agency empowered Any driver who receives a “Notice of Priority Re-Examination” from a law.

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