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He suggests that the closer the match of personality to job, the greater the satisfaction.

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All types are part of each of us. However, one type is usually evidenced most strongly.

Holland developed a hexagon model that. A very brief overview of the six personality types, six work- related activities, and.

Working with things, i. Holland suggests that in our sexist society, females will display a greater interest in female- dominated occupations. Socioeconomic Theory.

Sociologists and economists provide detailed explanations and descriptions of how one's culture, family background, social and economic conditions and other factors outside an individual's control strongly influence one's identity, values, and overall human and career development. Socioeconomic theory is also known as the. This loas mcm 01sl to understanding career development suggest that many people follow the path of least resistance in their career development by simply falling into whatever work opportunities happen to come their way. Career patterns are determined by socioeconomic factors, mental and physical abilities, personal characteristics and the opportunities to which persons are exposed.

People seek career satisfaction through work roles in which they can express themselves and implement and develop their self- concepts. Career maturity, a main concept in Super's theory, is manifested in the successful accomplishment of age and stage developmental tasks across the life span. Self- concept is an underlying factor in Super's model:. Understanding these ages and related stages of career development helps the facilitator select appropriate responses and activities.

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Super and Thompson 1. Decision- making skills.

Knowledge and use of. General career information. General world of work.

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Detailed information about occupations loas mcm 01sl preference. Super also looked at the different roles we play during our lifetimes and the relative importance we give to those roles at different times in our lives. Krumboltz's Social Learning Theory.


Much growth loas mcm 01sl place as a result of learning and imitating the behavior of others. Krumboltz developed a theory of career decision making and development based on our social learning, or loas mcm 01sl conditions and events, genetic influences and learning experiences. People choose their careers based on what they have learned. Certain behaviors are modeled, rewarded and reinforced. Decision- Making Theories.

Some decision- making theories loas mcm 01sl that there are critical points in our lives when choices are made that greatly influence our career development. These decision making points are such events as educational choices, entry- level job positions, changing jobs, etc. Other decision- making theories concerned with ongoing choices across the life span. Cognitive Theories. Cognitive theories of career development are built around loas mcm 01sl individuals process, integrate and react to information. The ways in which individuals process information are determined by their cognitive structures.

These structures influence how individuals see themselves, others and the environment. M SlUe! O 'Jo.

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