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Intermec "x ft R Specialty Resin/Ctn

The fine adjustments intermec 3600 for intermec 3600 in the media "lot to lot"the printhead, or the printer. Set the darkness adjust control with a small straight- slot screwdriver after entering the proper sensitivity number. To adjust the print darkness control 1.


Locate the darkness adjust control on the back of the printer. Make adjustments intermec 3600 a small straight-slot screwdriver.

Intermec EasyCoder 3600 - label printer - monochrome - direct thermal / thermal transfer Specs

Turn the darkness adjust control clockwise 1 for darker density. Intermec 3600 adjust control Turn the darkness adjust control counterclockwise for lighter density. Increase the darkness by turning the darkness adjust control clockwise or decrease the darkness by turning the control counterclockwise. Run a test print to evaluate the print quality.

INTERMEC EASYCODER 3600 Barcode Labelprinter - 203 Dpi

The printhead adjustment lever provides three stops forward movement of the printhead and three stops backward movement from center position in 0. Printhead adjustment lever Testing and Adjusting Adjusting intermec 3600 Label Mark Sensor The mark sensor detects the mark on the back of continuous media stock.

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The output is then used to determine the start of print point. This sensor is located under the label pathway across from the platen roller. Two adjustments affect the performance of this sensor, its physical position and sensitivity. Use your finger to reach underneath the lower guide. Platen roller Locate the label mark sensor behind the intermec 3600 roller near the inboard edge of the printer. Use your index finger to adjust ; the label mark sensor. Inboard edge of printer. The platen roller is not shown for clarity only Printer Maintenance Manual Slide the mark sensor into a position that centers it over the label mark as the media passes by.

It is adjustable from the inboard edge of the extrusion to one half of the paper path width toward the outboard edge. To adjust the label mark sensor potentiometer sensitivity 1. Remove the electronics cover 2. R M.

Place the white portion of a label under intermec 3600 mark sensor. Place the black mark portion of the label under the mark sensor. The voltage at TP18 should now be greater than 2. Install the printer electronics cover and the media cover.

intermec 3600 Check the printer for proper operation. The label gap is the space between labels on the backing material.

This reading enables the printer to properly position the start of print point. Remove the media cover and the electronics cover. Insert the label backing only in the label gap sensor. Insert both the label and the label backing in the sensor. R DC. Feed one label intermec 3600 of the printer so that it rests under the label taken sensor in a correct orientation. Remove the label from under the label taken sensor.

The multimeter reading at TP19 should now read above 4. Note: These alignments should be made in the sequence given. Performing them out of order can intermec 3600 and not solve -printing -problems.

Failure to comply can result in damage to components. If both plates are loosened, it may not be possible to align the rollers outside of the factory. To perform this procedure, you need the following tools: Note: If the printer you are servicing has upper outboard plate lntermec Part No. Switch off the printer power and remove the power cord.It is replaced by the Intermec EasyCoder PX6i. Thermal transfer, dpi, 5 ips, " print width, Ethernet & serial interfaces, KB NVRAM. Thermal transfer, dpi, 5 ips, " print width, Ethernet & serial interfaces, Intermec 3600 NVRAM. Download drivers for the Intermec EasyCoder Driver.

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