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Both of these would have interfered with coming operations.

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The loop at lines monitors the SRQ signal line to see if there has been a high-to-low transi- tion. At line 40, location is tested for bit 7, which senses the input of an SRQ. If there has been a transition of the SRQ signal, the subroutine at line is called. After clearing the screen linethe subroutine reads input from the device coupler line Then the program echoes the same data line 1 10 to be picked up 3188 gpib the device coupler. Line clears the acknowledged SRQ, and line returns to the wait loop.

San Francisco. The operation described in detail below is based on having several devices take data simultaneously as a result of a Group Execute 3188 gpib GET command. Such a command is often necessary to command all devices on the bus simultaneously and cause them to trigger and start taking readings for exam- ple at the same time. However, this command is not implemented directly by the PET.

This is followed by the GET command on linewhich causes the in- strument to 3188 gpib a trigger pulse. This GET command causes the coupler to generate an output strobe, which an external device can use to start its own con- version or triggering function. The remark at line states that the small input routine shown on lines and will allow characters such as commas from the coupler to be input without the PET interpreting these inputs as delimiters.

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The subroutine at line returns several of the 3188 gpib lines to their 3188 gpib tive states. In particular, note that when the PET sends numbers through the coupler to a remote device, a different series of characters is generated at the receiving end from those initiated by the PET. This series of characters depends on the size of the number and whether the num- ber is an integer, floating point, or string. You should also be thoroughly familiar with the unit before proceeding to write programs or otherwise try to operate it in the GPIB system. For example, the coupler looks at the most significant digit first and proceeds to the least significant digit, using only the last four bits of each individual character that is sent down the bus.

This takes place before the coupler can read in a character and load its output device.


Therefore, if the PET places the binary bit pattern on the bus, the coupler would provide only the last four bits the at its output. When communication 3188 gpib occur 3188 gpib instruments on the GPIB, you probably will have nagging thoughts that the problem could be with the bus hardware. Therefore, we have written this diagnostic test to help you locate the problems, or at least alleviate your fears. For the 13 lines that this test does validate, the PET indicates bad bits or signals by flashing their names on the CRT.

Avoid inconclusive results; remove all devices from the GPIB before running this test. You can add spaces between keywords, but this is not necessary.


For example, GOTO is a keyword to be typed preferably without 3188 gpib. This and other keywords require no spacing. The PET will run the program and continue executing it in a loop.

This is due to the continuous looping of the program as it is being executed. However, should there be one or more faulty lines, each will be displayed one under the 3188 gpib, beginning in the up- per left corner of the screen. If a bad bit or line is cleared, the flashing indication disappears. In the program listings, lines to test the GPIB data bus. Each bit is written at a 1 level low true as a first step, and then at a level.

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Following each step, 3188 gpib comparison is performed on each bit to determine if it is held at a high or low logic level.GPIB DRIVER DOWNLOAD - Thank you for submitting your InstraView Request! Stock Quick Quote.

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3188 gpib other items More For additional information, see. GPIB DRIVER DOWNLOAD - The EA makes it easy to access and control instruments and exchange data.

I chose the driver supported by GPIB interface.

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