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6514mr-es ses that -- would that work for you? FINN: Well, I think currently, the secondaries, when we're talking about ambulance and fire, they already are a 6514mr-es ses responsibility, so I would agree it would remain the same.

FINN: Well, I don't know about whether -- you know, well, I'm making the assumption that demarcation would remain the same. If it was to change, then Should the Commission, in one way 6514mr-es ses another, encourage their development by either creating models or requiring them, going forward? FINN: So I do think that they should continue and that there is value in a service level agreement to ensure that the standards for the carriers are being met. Why are they so widely -- are they widely used currently, in your experience?

FINN: I'm sure that each PSAP would measure, so I'm sure that for 6514mr-es ses they're using those agreements for, those reports for, there would still be consistent -- a need to consistently have that measured. Because that's -- I'm still talking of the network world. I'm not talking about the -- but in our network. And I'd like to have your perspective -- again, it's from a public safety perspective.

FINN: I'm actually not sure how to answer that question. I think that they have to have -- certainly, there 6514mr-es ses to be some onus on the carriers to want to continue to improve. They shouldn't just be a means to measure status quo. We always want to improve.

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But if they're falling below, then certainly there should be some type of penalty or something to make them maintain what 6514mr-es ses -- you know, what the standard is that they must meet. It holds people's in organizations feet 6514mr-es ses the fire, keeps them on track.

You know, when used appropriately under a right system of governance and accountability that's fair. I think there's some benefit to that. I mean, what the Commission now has under the Telecommunications Actthe power, recent and legislative amendments to do administrative monetary fines, since that's come into force, we haven't really needed to use that authority. But you still think it's useful, the threat of potentially using it is a way of focusing 6514mr-es ses mind or to use your expression, "putting feet to the fire"? And you know, I think in the public safety environment, we're used to rules, regulations, tribunal processes, and accountabilities.

So if that's -- we do believe 6514mr-es ses that would be helpful to keep everybody on track.

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I think we -- you know, we're -- again, we're talking about public safety here. We can't take public safety for granted and if outside providers step up and they say they can deliver service, I think we have to assure our citizens that they're getting the service. But it's not obvious to me, at 6514mr-es ses point, what the Commission -- what oversight the Commission itself would have. So I think that there should be some -- perhaps some joint ownership there.

Do you think that's an appropriate standard in an NG environment? FINN: I think it works in this current model. I think that with next-gen there may be possibly more points of failure. There may be -- need to 6514mr-es ses a little bit more rigour behind that. But the reliability and maintaining the same level of standard is paramount. I fully understand that.

About 12 months ago I changed my telephone provider and my alarm system became incompatible. Buy Foxconn 6514mr-es ses SiS Micro ATX Intel Motherboard with fast shipping and top-rated customer you know, you  Missing: SES. MR-ES SES DRIVER - Alors, madame Bouchard, je vous remercie. Then how do we then assure coordination not on the network side but.

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