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The picture is not very good but I think the 6735s modem retainer is missing the left tip. Look at the first picture. Okay, IML Tech please help me.

I made it to step 12, removed everything as said but I am still unable to take the motherboard out. It stays in the laptop casing, at the left USB ports and also at the audio jacks. I just can not imagine how those can come out from their places, since they are mounted into Thege casing itself. I have read that Mitch had the same problem, and even fixed 6735s modem, but I can not find the solution itself on this forum. Am I missing something? All screws 6735s modem out, to be sure. Csaba : I had the same problem as you, while you are taking out the motherboard, the vga port and usb ports which are parts of the motherboard are a bit pinned within the left side of the box, try to bring them out in the same time when you remove the motherboard and be careful!

So, are you totaly sure? Is the black plasctic part, which you can see from the outside as well, is going to come out?

Csaba: Do not pull hard at this point, what you should do is pulling the motherboard at the top and in the same time you try to recover it from left side, just do some efforts because the vga port is a bit out of laptop bottom cover and it make this a bit strong to removebefore this lift the heat sink unit out and it will be easy! Not sure why you having this issue. I believe your keyboard has regular keys like many other keyboards. 6735s modem should be able to unsnap the key cap and push it back in place without any problem unless you have something damaged on the key. As a last resort, you can replace the entire keyboard.

First of all doublecheck if all screws securing the motherboard are removed. You start motherboard from the part which is closer to the screen. Lift up the motherboard a little bit and at the same time apply some pressure on the laptop case in the VGA port area. 6735s modem the top side of the motherboard lifted up, move the motherboard towards the display a little bit to relase audio jacks.

HP s - Hardware Components and Drivers - InsanelyMac Forum

Finally, lift up and remove the motherboard. I have an HP S, And wenn i plugin the power i get an half blue and orange light. And then it 6735s modem orange. Can somebody tell me what needs to be fixt? Graphic chip dead?

Does it start on the battery power? Are you using the original HP AC adapter? 6735s modem


Did you 6735s modem if your adapter output correct voltage? I opened again until step 10 and put back everything and it started windows. I was not using thermal paste if that has anything with this for heat sink. Search on google everywhere and nothing help. Could be motherboard failure. When I have to troubleshoot a laptop with similar problem, I do the following. Disassemble the laptop as much as I can. Basically I strip it down to bare bone system and start 6735s modem with an external monitor.


If it 6735s modem fine, I start adding parts and test after each step. This technique helps me to find out which component is failing. There is no simple answer to your question. I have some troubles with my HP s, since two days, when i move my pc shut 6735s modem down. I think there is a faulty connection somewhere. Do you know this issue? And do you have something to fix it? I have a HP s laptop.

HP 6735s Product Manual

The screen has gone blank with multiple thin coloured lines down the middle covering about two thirds of the screen. I hooked up monotor to another laptop and it worked as expected. Does anyone know what 6735s modem problem is?

Is it the screen or something else? On some laptops you can switch 6735s modem to the external monitor only after you booted Windows OS or laptop screen disconnected.Compaq s Notebook PC an affordable ports, VGA, stereo microphone in, stereo headphone/line out, power connector, RJ/modem, RJ/ethernet. No matter what kind of drivers I install for my s modell HP laptop with XP Professional, I always find a Modem on High Definition Audio busĀ  HP Compaq s upgrade problem. - HP Support Community.

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