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Killall is a shotgun approach which could have undesirable side effects.

Most of the remaining issues are due to not specifying the exact, full-path, to the script and programs to be run. AR Wireless Network Adapter ath5k hostapd 01using ath5k drivers.

An example could be iface wlan0 inet static address The dependencies libssl. Creating an Access Point Interface with the ath5k driver using hostapd This document describes ath5k hostapd to create an Access Point using an ath5k device. Your hostapd is fine.

This option is only used for type mac chanbw integer no 20 Specifies a narrow channel width, possible values are: 5 5MHz channel ath5k hostapd, 10 10MHz channel or 20 20MHz channel. The values are autodetected. This option is only used for type mac txpower integer no driver default Specifies the transmission power in dBm diversity boolean no 1 Enables or disables the automatic antenna selection by the driver rxantenna integer no driver default Specifies the antenna for receivingthe value may be driver specific, usually it is 1 for the first and 2 for the second antenna. Specifying 0 enables automatic selection by the driver if supported.

October 23rd, 3. Ath5k hostapd my signature says, I've only been around on Linux since April, so I'm still relatively new myself.

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Have you got a firewall in the mix here anywhere, on one of the two machines? Thread Tools.

Documentation:configuration:config_files:config_wireless [DD-WRT NXT Wiki]

While loosing system support this way, you might switch to compat-wireless drivers, otoh this might be more than you'd like to bargain ath5k hostapd, given your statement about your background. Regards, Jens.

First, thank you for answer ;! For this, we will be using hostapd for access point management, which supports various encryption and authentication schemes, ath5k hostapd common schemes like WPA, WPA2 and EAP. All content created by Robin Wood unless ath5k hostapd stated. Sign up using Email and Password.

Ath5k AP Mode

Email Required, but never shown.Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01), using ath5k drivers. ath5k hostapd


hostapd didn't. Just found the answer myself (after googling hours to find the answer in a small but very important sentence in a private blog post about Ath5k hostapd.

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