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hp b010bC-Cube Microsystems
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See Figure c-cube microsystems e4 the spatial location of luminance and chrominance components. Note that only the coded data transfer operation is shown. The format of this file is defined in Ap- pendix B. In addition to microapplication segments, the executable file also contains an information header which includes the initial program counter value for the CL's CPU.

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This section lists these defaults, their functional re- lationship and the event s which causes the CL to change from the default setting or return to it. Table lists the macro commands which can be used to change set- tings within the CL and the default values for these settings. Note that these defaults are set on microapplication initialization only and are not restored by execution of the Reset macro command. These default values are used for decoding unless replaced c-cube microsystems e4 the host see Section In general, the default values are not used for decoding if the decode op- eration starts at the beginning of a legal MPEG bitstream. However, when performing random-access within a bitstream, the defaults are used if no other values are provided.

Note that only parameters which are required for decoding have default values. For a complete list of all register bits which have default values, see Table Note: Some of the register bits which control interaction with the host have no defaults. Note tha t this b it is cleared c-cube microsystems e4 if the DONE pin is asserted.


TNT pin inactive. The host should initialize these bits following c-cube microsystems e4 reset; they are unmodified by microap- plication initialization or execution of the ResetO macro command. Those variables which have defined defaults are listed in Table below. DRAM-resident variables not listed in the ta- ble do not have defaults. The DRAM-resident variables are restored to their defaults on both microapplication initialization and Reset.


Typicallymicroapplication loading starts with the host parsing the microcode executable file and writing the appropriate seg- ments into DRAM. Note: The host must ensure that segment values are written to IMEM in an order such that the last value written goes to an IMEM address other than the initial program counter value. The segments in the executable file are arranged such that, if the host writes IMEM locations in the same order the data appears in the c-cube microsystems e4, this restriction will always be met. After the c-cube microsystems e4 CPU is enabled, the host must wait until the internal initialization is complete before issuing the first macro command.


Then the con- tents c-cube microsystems e4 this HMEM location can be polled. Once this location becomes 0, the CL has completed its internal initialization and is ready to ac- cept macro commands.

This method can also be used to determine when the execution of the Reset macro command is complete see Reset on page Initialization Microapplication If the CL is reset, then the last-specified border color will be dis- played continually until the microapplication is reloaded and bitstream decoding is resumed. If the output window was blanked or the CL was in vertical border time, the visual result will be the same as if the CL was reset. Note: Once halted, it is not possible to resume microapplica- tion execution without performing the entire microapplica- tion loading sequence described above. When the microapplication is loaded, there are four DRAM locations see Table A-6 on page A-3 which contain information describing the microapplication version.

This information is duplicated in the mi- croapplication executable file header but is loaded into DRAM to en- sure that the microapplication version present in a running system can be determined. Macro commands are function codes and parameter values written into the dual-ported HMEM by the host. Each c-cube microsystems e4 has c-cube microsystems e4 separate function code and may have to 4 parameters. HMEM is a Table indicates the standard usage for each HMEM location.

Also, the host 1 1 c-cube microsystems e4 C-Cube Microsystems Writing Macro Commands c-cube microsystems e4 generally avoid writing to reserved locations within HMEM to facilitate upgrading to future microapplication versions. Once an entire new macro command has been written, the host should write a 1 to the semaphore. The mechanism for issuing a macro command is shown in the pseudo- code example of Figure In general, the host software will have better performance if the polling loop is moved up because the microapplication's acceptance of the new macro command will occur in parallel with the host's next processing task.

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The function shown provides c-cube microsystems e4 in the diagnostic process be- cause it returns an error immediately upon determining that the CL has stopped responding to commands. If the CL fails to accept a macro command, it indicates an incorrect microapplication loading pro- cedure or an unrecoverable failure during operation. In either case, the microapplication must be reloaded.

The CL operates in one of eight possible internal command process- ing states which affect how future commands are interpreted and how the decode and display processes operate. Several command states correspond to a macro command which can cause a command state transition. The macro commands which can ex- plicitly change the command state are the Reset command and all of the Play-type commands.C-CUBE MICROSYSTEMS E4 DRIVER DOWNLOAD - Because of this, the host must poll the fullness of CMEM while performing c-cube microsystems e4 data transfer.


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