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Which isn't too bad I guess. A couple of hours later it worked again, but I haven't tested how long more. I don't think very much I'll check. Paul Baker Posts: 6, The case was intended to appear small disposable camera nixie tube slick, which resulted in problems with where to place the electronics. I had hoped to use a chime with this clock, but there was simply no room at all.

Nixie Tube powered from a disposable camera

Back to Top. Feel free to visit my web blog: red coffee maker Wally. The area in which you mount or position your HDTV needs to be something that does not receive too much light coming from your outside. All from the speakers in your system will be plugged in to the receiver. Feel free to visit my web disposable camera nixie tube — home audio amplifier kits Katlyn.

Single Digit Nixie Clock

Other ways to save cash since you will get the chance to meet up with your city, e-mail address, and some landlords disposable camera nixie tube not want this amount to be dictated to them. My page :: habitat promotional code. They normally recycle or throw them in the bin. Remove all 'flash bits' neon indicator, resistor, small cap, trigger transformer, flash tube The circuit could be regulated properly by using a high voltage zener and another transistor.

The cameras also yield a nice little neon ideal for colon of your clock Among the ones I have seen, FUJI cameras seem to be the nicest disposable camera nixie tube convert. Supply some more disposable camera nixie tube please. I figured a different transformer would be easier but it's not looking that way. Edit criterion description Delete criterion row. This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Description of criterion. Edit rating Delete rating. This area will be used by the assessor to leave comments related to this criterion.

I decided to spend the six dollars for this one because I'm really shy about stuff like that. Disposable cameras are quite cheap, and include circuitry that produces very high voltages. A Nixie is basically a set of diodes in disposable camera nixie tube glass tube containing a little neon gas.

The cathodes are numerals, lined up one behind the other. Voltage applied to one ionizes the surrounding neon, and the numeral seems to light up.

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If it is possible for an electronic component to be beloved, surely Nixie tubes were. Also, this disposable camera nixie tube is probably one of the more dangerous steps, because you do not know if the capacitor is charged currently. Do not touch the capacitor or the flash circuit at this point, it may still have energy stored that could electrocute you.

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Being electrocuted is a bad thing. Once you expose the capacitor, I highly recommend discharging it.


This can be done by touching both wires coming out of the bottom of the capacitor with a screwdriver or other metal object. Make sure the object you use to discharge disposable camera nixie tube has an insulated handle, and only use one hand to minimize risk of electricity flowing across your chest. I also recommend wearing safety goggles, because if the capacitor is charged, sparks will fly, and you don't want one of those sparks in your eye. Once you expose the capacitor, I highly recommend discharging it.

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This can be done by touching both wires coming out of the bottom of the capacitor with a screwdriver or other metal object. All Kits.

Softpot Touch Sensors. Cases Including Monome and Arduinome.Disposable Camera Nixie Tube Driver: Before I get too far in this instructable, I would like to say that this was not my original idea. You can see two. The latest in the long list of uses is to create nixie tube drivers. [the_don] shows us how to use a single disposable camera nixie tube camera to power 2 to 3.

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