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I didnt try to see if the 1.

Before and close to the end of the straightening process. If you ask yourselves why I bought the 1. Case closed. I prepared the Abit SA6 tseng et6000 cleaning.

Ready for action! Work in progress! Robert B Trade Mark! Arctic MX-4 - serious business!

Glamour shots. I take great pride in my "work"! So I had to do something about it. A few tries later I managed to get tseng et6000 result close to the original.


Attention to detail is very important! I dont have to bother you further with my obsessions Last edited: Aug 10, One part was bought tseng et6000 the flea market.

Hercules Dynamite 128/Video graphics card - ET6000 - 2 MB Series Specs

The other part came from one of my retro HW suppliers CPU cleaning doesnt allow me to demonstrate all I know in regard to HW restoration, but even so, I got some pretty good results. I was accustomed to more difficult tseng et6000 but sometimes I enjoy the occasional "easy" stuff too From rags to riches. Batch 1 - flea market 1.

Slotket SP Rev tseng et6000. Besides the fact that I had to deal with dust, dirt, grime, hardenned TIM, I also had to deal with a lot of bent pins. A "FUN" job let me tell you Unfortunately it came without the original fan. At first, no matter what I tried, I tseng et6000 get the results that I desired. I took out the BIG GUNS, the rust remover solution, Szuper Evipass, and all the "garbage" bought from the flea market took a nice long bath This way, I also removed some corrosion that was present on some of the pins.

Some marks were left in the places were the corrosion tseng et6000 present but otherwise the pins were untouched and were shiny after this operation. This rust remover is not so aggresive like other products. A few hours later I washed the CPUs with water and dish soap. In the PDF document, the pinout was presented in following way.

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Initially I thought that the pinout is like when the heatspreader is in the back and the pins are facing you, when in fact, the pinout tseng et6000 like when the CPU is inserted in the socket. The missing pin is AJ It seems that the Venice core has a good OC potential.

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I'll see if it tseng et6000 so when I'll find a nice motherboard and I'll take them for a spin. That was a close one.

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Cleaning the CPUs from the second batch was straight forward. I also had to straighten some pins but not so many like in the tseng et6000 of the CPUs from the first batch.


Group shot. Exploded view.

Hello, World! :D - Robert B's PC builds - oogle away freely :) - OLD Hardware Emporium

Flea market surprise! It is the time for tseng et6000 FMS episode! Rememberin these episodes I will keep the details at a minimum and you will have to fill in the blanks. The pictures will tell the story. Esther Duijn - Eavalon Rises 1.Tseng ET bit GUI accelerator using MDRAM memory.


MDRAM memory have nonstandart size, so 2MB are MB. Palcal's cards. Tseng Tseng et6000, Inc was a maker of graphics chips and controllers for IBM PC compatibles, Tseng's best-known products were the Tseng Labs ET, Tseng Labs ET and Tseng Labs ET VGA-compatible graphics chips.

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