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How to configure the C3P0 connection pool in Hibernate

Defines c3p0 no suitable query that will be executed for all connection tests, if the default ConnectionTester or some other implementation of QueryConnectionTesteror better yet FullQueryConnectionTester is being used. Defining a preferredTestQuery that will execute quickly in your database may dramatically speed up Connection tests. Depending on your database, this may execute more slowly than a "normal" database query.


If your application defines its own schema, try automaticTestTable instead. If truec3p0-spawned Threads will c3p0 no suitable the java. AccessControlContext associated with c3p0 library classes. By default, c3p0-spawned Threads helper threadsjava. Timer threads inherit their AccessControlContext c3p0 no suitable the client Thread that provokes initialization of the pool. This can sometimes be a problem, especially in application servers that support hot redeployment of client apps. If c3p0's Threads hold a reference to an AccessControlContext from the first client that hits them, it may be impossible to garbage collect a ClassLoader associated with that client when it is undeployed in a running VM.

SQLException: No suitable driver Red Hat DevelopersJBoss Developer

c3p0 no suitable Also, it is possible client Threads might lack sufficient permission to perform operations that c3p0 requires. Setting this to true can resolve these issues. Maximum time in seconds before user configuration constraints are enforced. This parameter determines the period. Zero means automatic: A suitable period will be determined by c3p0. If set to a value greater than 0, the statement cache will track when Connections are in use, and only destroy Statements when their parent Connections are not otherwise in use. Setting this parameter to a positive value should eliminate the issue. If set, this parameter should almost always be set to 1. If true, an operation will be performed asynchronously at every connection checkin to verify that the connection is valid.


Use in combination with idleConnectionTestPeriod for quite reliable, always asynchronous Connection testing. Also, setting an automaticTestTable or preferredTestQuery will usually speed up all connection tests.

If true, an operation will be performed at every connection checkout to verify that the connection is valid. Be sure to set an efficient preferredTestQuery or automaticTestTable if you set this to true. Performing the expensive default Connection test on every client checkout will harm client performance. Testing C3p0 no suitable in checkout is the simplest and most reliable form of Connection testing, but for better performance, consider verifying connections c3p0 no suitable using idleConnectionTestPeriod.

If set, if an application checks out but then fails to check-in [i. This permits applications with occasional Connection leaks to survive, rather than eventually exhausting the Connection pool.

And that's a shame. Zero means no timeout, applications are expected to close their own Connections.

Obviously, if a non-zero value is set, it should be to a value longer than any Connection should reasonably be checked-out. Otherwise, the pool will occasionally kill Connections in active use, which is bad. You are good to start testing the things. Spring is not relevant in our case! Tomcat uses several different classloaders, and it's possible that c3p0 cannot load some code that your web app can load. Does this mean that is is not finding the com. Then hibernate will take care of everything in backend. Thanks again. Ask a c3p0 no suitable. Nearly all configuration should be done at the level of your preferred logging library.

There are a very few configuration options specific to c3p0's logging, and usually the defaults will be fine. Logging-related parameters may be placed in your c3p0. The logging properties defined below may not be defined in c3p0-config. See the box below. If build-option c3p0. Build-option c3p0. For the moment, distributed c3p0 binaries are compiled with debug set to true and trace set to its maximum level of But binaries may eventually be distributed with debug set to false.eption: No suitable driver found. This exception can have 2 causes: The JDBC driver is not loaded at all.

URL does not match. I get the error "No suitable driver" from c3p0. Apparently C3P0ConnectionProvider hibernate or c3p0?) but then gets lost (driverClass -> null).

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