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centon mp3EasyLobby Software System Description

Item Access control Readers. Easylobby snapshell maintenance. Fix problem with change password command when registry variable NoPasswordEncryption is True, it was encrypting the password instead of setting it to DB in clear text.


Fix problems in two-sided duplex printing, was printing first side twice and then deleting the template files. Add option easylobby snapshell enable license scan to do a returning visitor function.

Visitor Management - ID Supplies

When importing visitor records, add visitor easylobby snapshell records when check in and check out times are specified. In Program Options, add returning visitor option so that the current, active record is not used, but rather a new record is created.

Make returning visitor responsive to the setting to not allow multiple check ins per visitor record and thus will not select an active record for the returning visitor, but rather will make a new record. Fix Administrator so that visitor record edits are easylobby snapshell saved. Some optimizations in visitor class to avoid excess queries when initializing a new object. Adds badge variable Vpic3 to allow third visitor picture to print on badge.

  • HID P/N EL-SS-R3 from IDcardPrinterSavings
  • P/N EL-SS-PASSPORT from HID Reseller IDcardPrinterSavings
  • EasyLobby SVM10 Visitor Management Software System ID Wholesaler
  • Installing and configuring the Acuant driver's license scanners
  • EasyLobby Software System Specifications
  • EasyLobby Secure Visitor Management Software System

Fixes error inserting duplicate key into PreregisteredBy table. Fixes AJAX employee dropdown so that names are sorted by last then first name, also fixes dropdown to easylobby snapshell after comma and entry of letters from first name.

EasyLobby SVM Hardware

Fixes errors in editing a previous registration via the View Registrations command, the reason and site were not restored to the proper value. Fix run time error in self registration wizard mode when doing lookup by name. Fixes problem in EmployeeImport when matching by employee number but employee number is not supplied in easylobby snapshell mapping. Now warns and won't run import instead of importing records and overwriting each one. Added to import an operation to delete the entire watch list, usually this would be to clear out the current easylobby snapshell list prior to importing a refreshed one.

Include the record type WatchListDelete on a single easylobby snapshell prior to the list of watch list entries, when this line is processed during the import it will clear out the watch list. Fix problems importing signature records, import complained of easylobby snapshell unsupported record type.

Added Photo and Signature to self registration mode required fields list. Add Self Registration option to disallow edit from review screen. Add support for two-screen and three-screen easylobby snapshell with the 4x5 LCD signature pad.

Add support for OCR Services denied party screening. Improve display of sex offender and denied party screening results forms so that the easylobby snapshell control and buttons resize properly when the window is resized.


Fix database error in Frequent Visitor alert when the operator chooses the option to stop easylobby snapshell future alerts for that visitor. Fix error deleting a Frequent Visitor alert when the alert record has related alert stopped records.


Fix error in employee form when clicking New button to create a new vehicle, if the Vehicle Types list was empty it got a run time error. Add support for DataDivers sex offender screening easylobby snapshell. When selecting Returning Visitor from right-click popup context menu on row in visitor grid, don't run returning visitor dialog, but rather go directly to returning visitor function for the selected visitor record.

Fix Satellite to add support for scanning prox cards and smart cards for employee check in and out. Fix bug in employee delete, was not deleting easylobby snapshell associated employee number record in RecordCustomId. Customize captions in employee lookup by location, also use customized caption for employee field in employee grid view for status messages at the bottom of the window.Install an Acuant ScanShell or SnapShell R2 device.

. Connect EasyLobby easylobby snapshell the SQL Server or Oracle database. EasyLobby SVM is an enterprise level solution that can scale to meet a large customer base, and. CSS SnapShell R2 license/card scanner.

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