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With a mb video card. If you bought an iBook for the firewire mach factor, you would also have the skills required to enable dual monitors.

They said that the PowerPC was fast firewire mach to cover the loss of the DSP, but it really was not for at least a couple years. Anyways, it does have an ieee port.


I did always compile ieee device drivers. A couple of weeks ago I decided to take a closer look at its configuration, in an effort to make the thing boot and firewire mach as fast as possible.


Sony also pushes it heavily. Having used a mac for years fire wire and usb2. Firewire mach think the complaining is a little silly.

Hardware compatibility list

If, for some reason, you really firewire mach on it, why are you so eager to get a new computer? Does the new Macbook not Pro!

I use my Mac for a lot of audio work, and it works. Get a proof reader to check for spelling mistakes, missing firewire mach and the like before you post stuff.

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Macbook and Macbook Pro. The Macbook is designed with the average user, not the professional.

The Majority of average users have no use for FW, why put it in? The professionals, if they truely are, would be dropping the firewire mach money and getting professional gear, Macbook Pro, Hey!

It saves them money. Personally I would have firewire mach it to have one, as I was waiting for a new small form factor laptop from Apple. I need a small laptop with long battery life. Unfortunately for Apple, they cut the Firewire. Because it alone would have justified the size for me. I could have used it for video editing too. It can do everything else I need in a nice small package, but no video editing. Think the fire wire on the mac book should have been changed to fire wire its almost twice as fast as usb 2. Mostly use PC but was thinking about a macbook but now mmmmmm do I really want to spend extra for a macbook pro but that does have fw on it. A lot of the defenders of this move seem to be basically saying, "I don't use FireWire, so you shouldn't want it either.

The hole in the Mac line between the low end and the high end has just become a little wider, and a lot of us want something in that area. Not with their simultaneous dropping of Intel integrated graphics for the new Nvidia chips. Great, as long as you have an external case around.

And, as long as that old drive actually firewire mach in the new machine e. I think this is being blown way out of proportion.

firewire mach Personally, I use FW devices all the time. BETA was used up to a few years ago by those that tape a lot i.

Apple talks FireWire and Mac OS X

I get the deer in the headlights look when I ask people if they have a FW port so it does not surprise me firewire mach they left firewire mach out. In the world on industry, cost is king and margins required regardless of how small they seem to be such as eliminating FW ports. There are more variables in the cost equation like inventory, quality, obsolescence, assembly time, various overheads, and customer support service. You can complain but we were not privy to the decision to remove it. Keep what you have.Eric Anderson, Manager of FireWire Software at Apple, lead a team of At the base of Mac OS X is the Mach Kernel, and within the kernel are. CIIOICE Falcon Northwest Mach V (AMD) $3, direct www.

back), and two Firewire ports, the system will please both gamers and multimedia .

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