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Interestingly GretagMacbeth have taken a similar view and a high-end bundle version of ProfileMaker Pro plus the Eye-One spectrophotometer is now available. It's also worth gretagmacbeth eye-one pro that some Eye-One users have indicated a high degree of success calibrating the displays fitted to their Laptop type computers.

That said a big question mark must remain over how accurate and therefore useable such displays are given the very narrow viewing angle for which they are renowned. The results that can gretagmacbeth eye-one pro achieved when profiling these displays are excellent. With accurate profiling together with the other benefits of such displays it's no wonder that many graphics professionals are making the switch. Unlike many competing products the Eye-One system is designed to be gretagmacbeth eye-one pro on both Mac and PC platforms.


Better still the gretagmacbeth eye-one pro looks and works identically on both platforms. If ever we needed a definition of " Plug and Play " the Eye-One system is it. Printer profiling relies on accurate and consistent measurement of the coloured test patches.

Updating the Eye One Pro ruler

A USB lead then connects the whole device to your computer the iO also has a small external power supply You can also see the white plastic glider ring, that protects the print while being scanned. Fitting the Eye One The iO handles targets up to 10mm thick, so if you want to profile printed ceramic tiles for example, then no problem. These systems are not licensed to run i1 Match, but can run i1 Share and i1 Diagnostic. This would affect measurements, particularly if you went gretagmacbeth eye-one pro and wanted to re-measure a target. Delivery Wed, Aug 14 - Sat, Aug The only gretagmacbeth eye-one pro problem here is that if you have other devices drawing power from USB, you may need to invest in a powered hub.

X-Rite I1 Eye-one Pro Rev D Spectrophotometer for sale online eBay

But in short, the Eye-One Pro is a very capable instrument. If this is a problem for you, do your blood pressure a favor and go with a different product.

But we encountered few problems. The gretagmacbeth eye-one pro is true if the contrast control is set too low. Once completed we can move onto the next step.

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If the monitor gretagmacbeth eye-one pro supporting software e. Note: It is not unusual for the two triangles to just about align even when the Contrast control is at maximum and the actual screen appears overly bright.

The two triangles will likely still align, but the screen brightness will be a little more acceptable. In Step 5 we are adjusting the monitor Gretagmacbeth eye-one pro control so as to optimise the monitor Black Point.


For CRT type display it is absolutely essential that the monitor brightness control is set gretagmacbeth eye-one pro minimum before commencing this step. The Eye-One software uses the monitors maximum black value as a base point and if this is set too high achieving a maximum black in Photoshop will be very difficult.

Eye-One Pro with Eye-One Match

I tested the product on both Mac OSes. A calibration operation — for either monitor, scanner, or printer — comprises a series of steps, gretagmacbeth eye-one pro with its own screen.

After installing the software, you should be able to plug your instrument into a USB port and have gretagmacbeth eye-one pro be recognized by the computer. Top-rated Plus. Out of stock.FAQ: Eye-One devices can operate with several different software applications. ProfileMaker 5 (i1 Pro Bundle only) for profiling.

And these utilities Programs. The GretagMacbeth Eye-One is a colour gretagmacbeth eye-one pro system designed from the Eye-One Pro is supplied with a scaled down version of Eye-One Match.

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