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Click to select a row or field.

Ifix sm2 can also select multiple rows and columns by clicking and dragging. Understanding Spreadsheet Properties The database spreadsheet has many properties you can configure. Among these are:.

By configuring these properties you can customize the spreadsheet as needed. To learn more about these properties, refer to the chapters Locating and Displaying Data and Querying and Sorting Data. Working with the Pop-up Menu In addition to the properties you can configure, the spreadsheet lets you right-click any row, column, or cell to display a menu containing ifix sm2 list of frequently-accessed commands. ifix sm2

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These commands are identical to commands you can access from the menu bar. For example, Cut on the ifix sm2 menu is identical to Cut on the Edit menu.

Migration Guide FIX32 to IFIX

Similarly, Add Block ifix sm2 the pop-up menu is identical to Add on the Blocks menu. Editing the Spreadsheet You can edit most spreadsheet cells by selecting them and entering the data you want to display, allowing you to change individual items quickly. Cells in certain columns, such as the Tagname column, are read-only and cannot be modified. To change multiple fields for a particular block, you can double-click the block to display its dialog box.

To change the same field for multiple blocks, you can find and replace data in a spreadsheet column. Refer to the chapter Ifix sm2 and Displaying Data to learn more about finding and replacing data.

Database Manager also lets you edit blocks by copying or exporting them. Whenever you complete these ifix sm2, the program converts the selected blocks into comma separated value CSV format, enabling you to paste or import the data into your favorite text editor or spreadsheet. Once you edit the data, you can copy or import the data back to Database Manager. The blocks ifix sm2 move appear in CSV format, allowing you to edit them.

When you finish, you can drag them back. The Ribbon, shown in the following figure, provides access to common database operations such as saving a database or adding a block. Setting Database Manager Preferences Database Manager provides preferences for printing, saving, displaying, and editing ifix sm2 database.

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These preferences let you adjust how Database Manager handles certain operations. The following table summarizes the preferences you can enable. Printing Print the database while you configure a block or start another iFIX program. Saving Save the current spreadsheet settings or the process database when you exit preferences Database Manager. Editing Open block dialog boxes in view or modify mode when you double-click a cell in preferences the spreadsheet. In view mode, you can examine the block configuration but not modify it.

ifix sm2

Simulation 2 Driver Database Index 64 Bit Computing

The block and its chain remain on scan at all times. In modify mode, you can examine and change ifix sm2 block configuration. The block and its chain are placed off scan even if you do not modify the block. You also have ifix sm2 option to place edited blocks and chains on scan automatically when you finish editing them. By default, this option is disabled and Database Manager prompts you to place modified blocks on scan. Creating a Process Database: Overview You can create a process database by following these steps. Create any additional blocks you need and connect them to your primary blocks to form chains.


Verify the database for errors. Correct any errors and fine-tune the database. To learn how to create database blocks, refer to the section Adding Blocks.You may prefer to use the SM2 driver over the SIM driver when ifix sm2 or more of the following conditions ifix sm2 You have more test data than the SIM driver can.

The Simulation 2 (SM2) driver provides a matrix of addresses that lets you test your process database to learn how its block and chains ifix sm2 to different.

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