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True, I don't take a lot of pics, but Kensington pilotmouse 72414 do want the camera to work when I need it. Regarding Eneloop batteries. These are kensington pilotmouse 72414 specific brand of low-self-discharge LSD rechargeable batteries. Regular NiMH's will self-discharge completely in less than a month, even without use. I have found Eneloop to be slightly better in terms of durability than cheaper knockoffs, but all of them are vastly better than non-LSD NiMH's. The longest-lasting brand I have actually found is AccuEvolution, but they are being discontinued in the US. Apple AA batteries are just rebranded Eneloop batteries these days.

I haven't had problems with short battery life for my Magic Trackpad, but let me second the recommendation for Eneloops - they work really well, including in digital cameras and digital flashes. All types of combinations of sizes and chargers are available for sale at good prices on Amazon, and be sure to use the MacInTouch link!

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Whoops, should have looked up my mouse battery life with the Eneloop batteries. I'm using Eneloop batteries in an Apple Bluetooth keyboard, Magic trackpad, Magic mouse, kensington pilotmouse 72414 in my Nikon electronic flash.

Amazing longevity between charges. I think this is a Ubuntu bug.

January 8th, Your new kensington expert mouse 7. Have a Kensington account? Page Feedback Click to open Click to open Click to close.

Kensington PilotMouse Mini BlueTooth - Ultra Compact Wireless Optical Mouse

Priority code is:. Delivery Sat, Aug kensington pilotmouse 72414 - Fri, Aug Thank you for signing up! You are about to purchase Microsoft Office University Kensington pilotmouse 72414. The space, delete, P and Return keys no longer worked. OK, dead keyboard, but the keyboard still bluetooth paired with the Mac Pro. I got a Apple Wireless keyboard from my Mini Mac.

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Turned it off, removed batteries, replaced batteries, turned it on. Got blink blink space, blink blink space, discoverable signal. But the Mac Pro3,1 bluetooth could not see keyboard.

Meanwhile, my MacBook Pro bluetooth kensington pilotmouse 72414 see keyboard ready for pairing, and my Mac Mini could see keyboard ready for pairing. Mac Pro, Mac Book Pro, Mac Mini all could see keyboard ready for pairing, but the keyboard could pair because Return key did not function, so pairing code could not be sent after being entered. Clearly, I needed a keyboard with undamaged keys. But I was hesitant to buy new hardware when existing hardware which should work did not. I asked for help at the Apple Store. He also kensington pilotmouse 72414 that the and Apple Wireless keyboards had the same Bluetooth hardware.


I've had the same batteries in for 3 months now, and I use it everyday at work. Of course its going to go to sleep after being inactive for a couple of hours, but just double click and 3 seconds later it reconnects. Even when I first startup my computer, I just double click the mouse and it'll reconnect without a kensington pilotmouse 72414. Take a moment to adjust your settings and it works great!!!.


Pros: Nice form factor, great tactile response, clever battery hatch, attractive design. Cons: Annoying delay every time I begin kensington pilotmouse 72414 use it. If I wait for more than a few seconds between mouse actions, the thing goes to sleep.

Also, I can program each button to run a macro for anything I want. I turn the screen saver off for all users.

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Despite that most Snow Leopard Macs run a screen saver at the login window. This is anecdotal evidence: the Flurry screen saver seems to freeze and not exit more than the Computer Kensington pilotmouse 72414 screen saver. No problems while playing; only when pausing and hitting kensington pilotmouse 72414 again. Bluetooth has generally been a PITA in my personal experience in a variety of ways,including Apple's original Bluetooth keyboard not being compatible with later Apple computers Then my wife helpfully cleaned the keyboard with isopropanol.

The space, delete, P and Return keys no longer worked.

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OK, dead keyboard, but the keyboard still bluetooth paired with the Mac Pro.Please visit for hours. PilotMouse Bluetooth® Mini Kensington pilotmouse 72414 Manual U.S. and Canada or Fax Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Kensington PilotMouse Bluetooth Mini Mouse (PC/Mac) at Read honest and unbiased.

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