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It is the only control protocol that can take full control of all Pro Tools features including plug-in selection and parameters. All Avid control surfaces employ this protocol — the Artist Mix is a great example of such a product. A good example of a controller that can do this is is the Icon Qcon Pro. The MCU communication protocol is used by many other hardware units, like the PreSonus FaderPort-8, and is open-source - this protocol is not likely to change or be discontinued any time soon. All in all, the MCU system is about the best mackie hui is for Logic, and even after all these years still holds up well when compared with EuCon, which is used by Avid controllers.

You'll have mackie hui dig that info up for yourself!

Big mackie hui of yours. It's almost possible to mix without touching the computer's mouse and keyboard, but some commands still require those tools; mackie hui really depends on which digital audio sequencer you use and how you work. The real-world controls help you to concentrate on listening rather than seeing your music. You aren't stuck staring at the computer screen to execute every command, but you still need to keep your computer's monitor in sight for some visual feedback.

Getting around the Mackie Control Universal is easy because all of its controls mackie hui logically arranged. Pages 4.

Consoles like Yamaha's original 01v cost only a fraction more than Mackie Control, for example, and you'll get a digital mixer in addition to the ability to use it as a basic control surface; although with this particular example you won't be able mackie hui control all the facets of your host software in the same way you could with Mackie Control. But staying with Yamaha, more expensive consoles like the new 01v96 offer an improved control surface implementation that works mackie hui well with Steinberg's Cubase and Nuendo, for example; and the forthcoming 01x will further blur the distinction between digital mixers and control surfaces. However, nobody's going to buy a digital mixer to use it only as a control surface, so the issue of whether to buy a control surface like Mackie Control or a console like the 01v96 comes down to way you see yourself wanting to work.

The advantage of remote controlling a DAW with a control surface in the same way you'd work with a mixer, of course, is that all the signal routing is kept inside the DAW, although you'll need to budget for separate preamps and converters if you're using the system for recording. My personal preference is for a control surface over a digital console, and I've used Mackie Control successfully in many tracking sessions with Nuendo — by successfully, I mean that the session has been made easier by having Mackie Control.


It's perhaps worth remembering that not everyone uses their DAW for mackie hui, and there are plenty of situations where preamps are unnecessary and only a stereo or multi-channel for surround D-A converter might be required, such as for mixing, mastering, or composing using software instruments. It makes automation duties I also like that it's pretty big - makes it feel less toy-ish. I also noticed that the feature set has been altered a bit with the release of Cubase 7. I've tried the new functions and it's definitely a big improvement! Re: Cubase 9.

I have figured the issue out. When I disengage mackie control driver from studio setup port midi in and midi out not connected midi behavior in cubase returns to normal; that is when I play a midi mackie hui then cubase only receives mackie hui without send anything which is the correct behaviour. Also this is true when in mackie control setup only midi input port is active midi output is not connected. Troubles appear when the midi output port in mackie control is active. Then as I already written cubase sends midi data to all ports. But I don't mind working w hex midi commands and midi translation.

My bomes project would be available to you and would require just a bit of tweak in to work w your individual setup. Othif the unit is on eBay non returnable, and at a price say, mackie hui us David Finnamore. Mark Kelly. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The HUI also had a couple of mic mackie hui as well, so in the end it was a similar combinations of features to what you'd find on today's SSL Nucleus.

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The MCU communication protocol includes pretty much everything that the HUI had plus some further advances, and most DAW software supports MCU, whereas software that never had HUI support in the first place is probably never going to have it at this point since the hardware has been discontinued for many years. While the two formats are very similar they are NOT identical or compatible. The main unit was an 8-channel fader controller with transport and menu buttons. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. It would be nice if the controllers packed a USB connection for plugging directly into your computer, as that would be convenient and save on MIDI ports. Before your digital audio sequencer will recognize any Mackie control surface, it must be booted in the mode that your program supports.Building on the success of previous mixer and control surface designs, Mackie's affordable Mackie Control promises the best of mackie hui soft- and hardware worlds.

Mackie HUI Universal DAW Controller. Input/output assignment section.


mm touch-sensitive motorized faders. 8 full featured channel strips.


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