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Page Self-diagnosis Display Self-diagnosis display Your camera has a self-diagnosis display. This function displays the mavica cd1000 condition on the LCD screen or on the viewfinder with a combination of a letter and four digits of numbers. If this appears, check the following code chart. Page Index Index AC power adaptor The sharpen is the last thing you're likely to do to the image, after twiddling its levels and colour balance and what have you.

There are two levels of sharpening you can activate in the Mavica cd1000, and they're both pretty subtle. This is better than the overblown super-sharpen that many cheap digicams do whether you like it or not, but it may somewhat disappoint mavica cd1000 photographers.

Sony Mavica MVC-CD1000 Operating Instructions Manual

Text mode is one bit - pure black and white, not greyscale. Even if you're in by mode it writes files only about 50 kilobytes in size. But that's the end of the good news. You can't preview what the mavica cd1000 image is going to look like, so getting a decent result requires even lighting of the document and a bit of trial and mavica cd1000.


There's also an e-mail mode, which records a teeny by version of whatever you've photographed, as well as the full-size one. And there's Voice Memo mode, which records a modified Mavica cd1000 file containing an audio track up to 40 seconds long. These JPGs will display fine on anything that understands JPG, but the audio's only available via Sony's software, or anything else out there that knows how to find it.

Sony Mavica CD1000

And then there are the video clip modes. The CD can record video clips, with sound, in by and bylike previous Mavicas. But it's also got a by "HQ" mode, which has a higher frame rate and looks slightly less ghastly. The clips are still small and brief, though. As with other Sony digicams, the maximum record time for the by modes is 15 seconds. This camera may have a ton of storage, but it doesn't have the RAM to record long clips, and so the video feature's still pretty much just a gimmick. For some reason, when you play MPEG clips on the camera as opposed to moving the files to a PC and playing them there it displays the video for the two non-HQ modes in a small window on the screen - which makes it a very small window on the 2. HQ clips play full-screen, though. Diagonal Size.

Diagonal Size metric. Display Format. These buttons and switches are clearly marked and whatever function they change is displayed on the LCDs. Optical mavica cd1000 Software Photography? Previous 1 Intro. That Lens The FD's 14 x optical zoom lens equiv. Tags: reviewsony. Next page.

Sony Mavica CD Here's the back of the camera, open. Displays Yup, that's displays, plural. Buttons, switches and plugs The shutter button and zoom control are on mavica cd1000 side of the right-handed hand grip, where you'd expect them.

Digital Cameras - Sony Mavica MVC-CD "First Look" Camera Review

Using it When you put a fresh disc into the CD, you have to initialise it before you can use it. Lens lengthening There's one feature of the CD that'll really excite a lot of photographers - zoom. Here's an unzoomed shot from my Olympus CL. The CL has 3X zoom. Zoom in all the way, and you get this: Now, here's an unzoomed shot from the CD Much the same as the CL shot. But the zoom keeps going Let's see that zoom mavica cd1000, shall we?


Zoomed out. But not with the CD Difficult mavica cd1000 With most digicams, taking pictures of things like passing planes is silly.


With 10X zoom, though, you don't need to lurk at the end of the mavica cd1000. But even without a teleconverter, the CD at full zoom's got enough resolution for you to see a bit of proper crater detail: Sorry about the overexposure, astrophotographers. With SteadyShot turned on, it's dead easy to get shots like this without even a tripod.Jeff K posts Sony MVC CD review · Just posted - Sony Mavica CD review! Sony officially announce MVC-CD · Just posted!. Sony Mavica MVCCD MP Digital Camera. See price on Jeff K posts Sony MVC CD review.

Dec 12 Just posted - Sony Mavica CD review!.

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