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Turn the distributor until the rotor point to the contact for cylinder 1 in the distributor cap. Make sure one of the metal finger edges are close to the Hall sensor, either going in or out will be megasquirt v3 ignition.


High to low. Low to High. This appears to be the most commonly used sensor from what I understand, so if in doubt try this one first. Hi to Lo.


Lo to Hi. Megasquirt v3 ignition the edge of a tooth piece of ferrous metal passes them at high speed and at a very close proximity Gap of 0.

MegaSquirt Ignition

The following diagram shows what happens when the VR jumpers on the V3. The trigger points where the signal goes through the megasquirt v3 ignition on the positive going slope are shown in red. The time between the trigger points is consistant untill the missing tooth comes megasquirt v3 ignition the sensor. The gap has increased a little not fully as the wave returns to the line but as it has to wait untill the next positively going slope the next gap is also decoded as another missing tooth.

MegaSquirt 3 with PCB V3.0 – Unassembled Kit

This time the negative side of the slope is used as the trigger edge. This means that as the missing tooth passes the sensor it doesnt trigger the ECU untill the fall from the megasquirt v3 ignition tooth Tooth 1.

Thread Tools Show Printable Megasquirt v3 ignition. Email this Page. Trigger Angle megasquirt v3 ignition additions inbetween the range 20 to 50 degrees as you will encounter problems and be unable to get your desired advance. This is due to the way the ECU calculates the spark timing, the calculations need around a 5deg band from the Trigger Angle. If you set a Trigger Angle of 23 degrees no additions then your maximum advance would be about 18degrees which will almost certainly give you a very lame engine down on power.


If the Trigger Angle setting is less than 15 deg the code will use "Next Cylinder" sparking, which means it will work out the timing for the next spark rather than the current spark, this is perfectly acceptable. Hall sensor users can take advantage of "Trigger Return " In megasquirt v3 ignition mode the trigger should be active 5V - 12V at megasquirt v3 ignition degrees before maximum advance and stay active until degrees BTDC.

Megasquirt to Control Only Ignition (at this point)?

The trigger going low 0V sets off the spark when cranking. This will give accurate advance during the uneven cranking period.

Hall sensor in Distributor setup How you should connect a Hall sensor to the Megasquirt all depends on what comes out of the Hall sensor. Sometimes you may need to "re-phase" your distributor to change megasquirt v3 ignition angular relationship between the rotor arm and the vanes if using a trigger inside it. Confirm the crankshaft angle - either using timing tape or by estimating. If modification is required, typically set the vane edge to pass the sensor when the engine is at 60BTDC and have the rotor arm pointing directly to megasquirt v3 ignition tower when the engine is at 25BTDC. Turn the engine backwards until the edge is well out of the Hall sensor.

Measure the output voltage from the Hall sensor Turn the engine forward until the edge has passed through the Hall sensor. Measure the output voltage. The three equally-spaced triggers are holes 1, 3, and 5. There are two general types of coil packs: those with built-in ignitors sometimes called 'smart' coil packs and those without sometimes called megasquirt v3 ignition coil packs. I will only cover the slightly more complicated 'dumb' coil packs, which covers most dual-post, wasted-spark-only packs.

You would still use all four outputs with this configuration, S1, S2, S3, and S4.

Using only the first two jumpers as in the above image megasquirt v3 ignition control a 4cyl wasted spark configuration, such as controlling either one 4 tower coil pack, or two dual tower packs. It uses two independent tach inputs on VRin1 and VRin2 NOT a wheel input in the sense that there are not many teeth, just one per cylinder. It is intended primarily for 2 cylinder 'odd-fire' engines. Independent dual ignition : This would typically be used for a two cylinder motor, megasquirt v3 ignition also can be used with a 4 cylinder engine and wasted spark.For Megasquirt-1 and Megasquirt-2 it is common to customise the ECU to install high-current ignition drivers (BIP) internally.

This allows the. Complexity 3/ Compatible EMS: All MegaSquirt versions. People pursuing Fuel-Only Implementations of MegaSquirt Engine Management.

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