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Nanosecond Lasers - DPSS, Fiber, Flashlamp & Microchip RPMC Lasers

The International Electrotechnical Commission IEC is a global organization that prepares and publishes international standards for all electrical, electronic, and related technologies. The IEC document outlines the nanosecond laser diode of laser products. A description of each class of laser is given below:.

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Explore the benefits of using a Thorlabs high-speed instrument in your setup and under your nanosecond laser diode conditions with a demo unit. Thorlabs' Ultrafast Optoelectronics Team designs, develops, and manufactures high-speed components and instrumentation for a variety of photonics applications having frequency responses up to 70 GHz. As a division of Thorlabs, a company with deep vertical integration and a portfolio of over 20, products, we are able to provide and support a wide selection of equipment and continually expand our offerings. Our catalog and custom products include a range of integrated fiber-optic transmitters, modulator drivers and controllers, detectors, receivers, nanosecond laser diode lasers, variable optical attenuators, and a variety of accessories.

Beyond these products, we welcome opportunities to design and produce custom and OEM products that fall within our range of capabilities and expertise. Some of our key capabilities are:.

  • Nanosecond Laser - Coherent
  • Nanosecond nm Laser Diode DPSS Q-Switch Laser
  • Nanosecond Pulsed Laser Systems
  • Diode Laser with sub nanosecond digital modulation – DL nSec
  • 10ns Lasers
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  • Nanosecond Lasers

Our catalog product line nanosecond laser diode a range of integrated fiber-optic transmitters, modulator drivers and controllers, detectors, pulsed lasers, and accessories. In addition to these, we offer related items, such as receivers and customized catalog products.


Nanosecond laser diode production using laser ablation Femtosecond laser ablation allows the production of nanoparticles in liquid solution, without using any chemicals. Other lasers, like laser diodes or OPSLs, are not suitable…. Continuous wave diode laser with wavelengths from to nm, power from 5 to mW and optional output power modulation. Solar energy.

High Speed, Free Space Detectors. Kinematic Prism Mount. Femtosecond Pulsed Lasers.

PULSED Laser Diode Drivers (PICOSECOND to CW)

Coherent Sources. Beam Blocks.

Laser Safety Curtains. Tip, Tilt, and Rotation Stage. Please Wait. Janis Valdmanis, Ph.

Optics Ultrafast Optoelectronics General Manager. Click to Enlarge The shutter rotates open left and closed right nanosecond laser diode is held in position by magnets built into the shutter fixture. The laser comes at several power levels from 20 W to 85 W, and every model features the same footprint and electrical interface.

Kevin Desmond Inside Sales - Americas.Thorlabs' Nanosecond Pulsed Laser Diode Systems are nanosecond laser diode to provide a convenient, turn-key source of nanosecond pulse trains at repetition frequencies. The T Laser Driver features laser drive pulse nanosecond laser diode down to picoseconds FWHM and ensures sharp turnoff and minimal optical tails. T picosecond pulse generator. For a laser driver with a built-in pulse generator, see the T Laser Pulser.


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