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The execution of Richard Cobb is scheduled for 6 p. Thursday at the Huntsville State Penitentiary. He has up until that day to file a stay nikki dement candace execution to defer the process. Appellant kicked Nikki for about a minute, joined by Cobb.

Thank you very much in advance. State, S. He points out that the court in Kelly held that to be reliable, the evidence must satisfy three criteria: 1 the underlying scientific theory must be valid; 2 the technique applying the theory must be valid; and 3 nikki dement candace, the technique applying the theory must have been properly applied on the occasion in question. He argues that his trial counsel did not competently cross-examine question Dr. McNeel about these three criteria. Adams's argument has two problems.

Survivor has been waiting 11 years for execution of Cherokee Co. man

First, the rule in Kelly has been modified as to circumstances like the present case. As regards expert testimony on the issue of the likelihood of a defendant's future dangerousness in a capital murder case. Nenno v. Because Nenno, not Kelly, supplies the legal standard for the admissibility of expert testimony on the issue of future dangerousness in Texas, the Court cannot find that the failure to cross-examine a future dangerousness expert witness on the basis of the Kelly criteria constitutes deficient performance. Second, the Court notes that Adams did not even allege, much less establish, that he was prejudiced by his counsel's cross-examination of Dr. The Court finds that the state court's rejection of this claim was neither contrary to, nor the result of an unreasonable application of, clearly established federal law, as determined by the Supreme Court of the United States in Wiggins.

The Court will deny Adams's fourth claim. Adams's fifth claim is that his Sixth Amendment right to effective assistance of appellate counsel was violated by the failure to recognize and brief the erroneous admission of "extrinsic nikki dement candace impact testimony" during the punishment- determination phase of his trial. During the punishment determination phase of Adams's trial, Vandever's father testified about his son's character and the impact of his son's death on the family. This type of evidence is known as victim impact testimony.

In Booth v. Maryland, U.

Gathers, U. Tennessee, U. The prosecution also called Nikki Dement, who testified about the wounds she received and about their effect on her life.

Texas Executes Man: Richard Cobb, 29, Cursed At Warden In Last Moments

The defense objected to nikki dement candace evidence, which it characterized as "extrinsic victim impact testimony," on the grounds that Adams was on trial for killing Vandever, not shooting Dement, but the objection was overruled. On direct appeal, Adams did not claim that the trial court erred in denying his objection.

In his state post-conviction proceedings, Adams claimed that his appellate counsel rendered ineffective assistance by failing to do so. As stated previously, to prevail on a claim of ineffective assistance of counsel, an nikki dement candace must establish both that his counsel's performance was deficient, and that there is a reasonable probability that, had the attorney acted reasonably, the result in the case would have been different. Wiggins, U. As applied to appellate counsel, the standard is that defendant must establish that his appellate counsel failed to discover and bring to the attention of the court a solid, meritorious argument nikki dement candace upon directly controlling precedent, and also establish that if he had done so, there is a reasonable probability that the result of the appeal would have been different.

Amador v. Adams and Cobb then made the three victims kneel on the ground.

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The victims were unable to remember who was carrying the shotgun through these events. Adams and Cobb stood behind the victims for several minutes, and the victims could tell they were discussing something, though they were nikki dement candace of nikki dement candace range. The women then heard a single shot. When Dement fell forward, Driver fell forward as well, pretending to be hit. Adams, carrying the shotgun, approached Driver and asked if she was bleeding. Driver did not answer, hoping the men would believe she was dead.


You better answer me. Adams and Cobb turned to Dement and asked her the same questions. She feigned nikki dement candace, and the men started kicking her when she did not answer. After Adams and Cobb left, Driver and Dement, each fearing that the other was dead, got up and ran in separate directions. Driver had minor injuries, but Dement had been shot directly in the left shoulder. By the time police arrived at the pea patch, Vandever, who had been shot in the chest, had died from the shotgun wound. In Septembera Cherokee County grand jury indicted Adams for murdering Kenneth Wayne Vandever during the course of committing a felony.

Texas Executes Man: Richard Cobb, 29, Cursed At Warden In Last Moments

After the jury recommended capital punishment, the court sentenced Adams to death by lethal injection.At the time of the robbery, Candace Driver and Nikki Dement were working in the store, and the only customer present was Kenneth Vandever. Adams and Cobb. They took store clerks Candace Driver and Nikki dement candace Ansley Dement hostage along with customer Kenneth Vandever and forced them into Driver's.

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