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When you pick a club in golf, you do so to hit the ball. Unlike many other sports, the technique of hitting the golf ball is very complex as such certain technical boxes need to be checked. A swing is one of the more essential boxes requiring a shorten backswing with.


As a result, the ball shorten backswing with be hit correctly. A newbie is not taught to control their depth in golf. He learns it slowly. Accordingly, if a swing is faulty, the golfer is at the mercy of his club for not being able to wield it properly by strength. Using a swing takes a lot of attention because one might easily mishit the ball. As a result, it may cause some serious injury to others. When you learn golfing, it is taught at the beginning that you should use as much momentum and little body force as possible.

This is only possible when you use the long swing. You are then just happy to be able to hit the ball far enough. Moreover, such a swing only serves shorten backswing with purpose of getting used to the movements that your body will have in golf.

Shorten Backswing with a full turn?

With a very fast tempo and an extremely compact swing, he generates a good bit of acceleration through impact to make up for the short rotation in the backswing. He ends a lot of his shots with a sawed off, shorter finish. He can do this due to all of the lag in his downswing and the great impact position that he gets into. His posture, both at address and in his finish, is very upright. This turns shorten backswing with a steep shoulder turn and, as a result, a great compression of the ball. He has been at the top of the European Tour in driving distance for many years, yet his swing is so short and smooth.

Better Contact: How to Shorten your Backswing

He definitely uses his tall stature to his advantage, as he can create great width even considering his short backswing. He has great acceleration coming into the ball as well. If your elbows bend too much, it results in over-swinging the golf club. Too often, amateur golfers will start with their long swing, and just try to ease back a little bit. Instead, start really short and slowly get longer with each shot. This will force shorten backswing with to stop short of parallel at the top of your golf swing. You may need to adjust how far the alignment stick goes into the grip, but the goal is to make it the right distance, so that you lose sight of the alignment stick when your backswing has gone too far. Hit a few balls. Checked the video. Hardly a difference.

Use the Wall Exercise to shorten backswing length - The GOLFTEC Scramble

Swing a few swings. Hit a few shots. Check the video.


A small difference. Hmm, I really thought it would look different. I make a pretty good turn for someone with a short backswing and plenty of mass in the middle section of my torso. It's something he ID'd in my videos a few years ago, and something my instructor had me work on as well. The biggest thing shorten backswing with trusting that as soon as your front shoulder gets to your chin, that your backswing is done, and getting your arms to stop moving at that point. Rahm averaged yards off the tee for the week in Palm Springs--a yard advantage over fellow playoff participant Andrew Landry.Contrary to popular belief, a short backswing in golf actually helps you hit it further than a long swing.

Here's how to shorten your golfswing. After my years of videoing my swing daily and practicing with any free time that I found, I decided to shorten my golf swing.

Keep in mind I was.

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