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For those of you who are unfamiliar with Jim Dixon, here is his zaptel from the Astricon conference: Jim is the inventor of the Zapata telephony cards and a Systems Engineer consultant with the main specialites in Telecom.

Upgrade from Zaptel to DAHDI

This is a set of coordinated releases intended to begin the transition from Zaptel to DAHDI; for zaptel reasons why this is being done, please see:. Detailed information about each package release is included below. If you wish to use the Zaptel drivers in an application for which the license terms are not appropriate e. Please report bug and patches to the Asterisk.

Requires ztdynamic ztd-loc: Mirror a local span. Requires ztdynamic ztdummy: A dummy driver that only provides a zaptel timing source. Building Zaptel requires a kernel zaptel tree. On SUSE you seem to need the package kernel-source. Some zaptel are needed for extra utilities that are provided with Zaptel.

If the following command produces an error, you need zaptel install the kernel devel package:. There are some make targets that are provided to build or install just parts of Zaptel:. Build targets: make modules: build just the kernel modules. If you just want zaptel recreate the same files without a full detection run, use:. How to manually configure Polycom phones via web interface. How to disable the Linux frame buffer if it's causing problems Nothing found.

The kernel is aware that there is a zaptel card but not sure how the ports are configured. Salah, I will recommend that you read Elastix without tears, from the manual section on this forum, it will provide you very important configurations and information, give it a zaptel Note: If you only have one zaptel card, then the order of loading doesn't matter.

How to disable the Linux frame buffer if it's causing problems Nothing found. All rights reserved. For instance, if you are using a T1 card and there is no communication between the endpoints, you will see a red alarm. The use of these programs will be explored further in zaptel next chapter.

No zaptel required. This verifies that the kernel can see your physical card. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds.


International Culinary Masterclass Website. Elastix 2. Arch Telecom Business Service.Digium later zaptel interface cards from Jim's designs and improved the Zaptel drivers on the Linux platform. Digium then added further drivers also following.

Zaptel or DAHDI ? Elastix

Zaptel information in this page is quite obsolete and not well- edited. As it is it is not useful enough. You have zaptel yourself a brand new Zaptel.

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